A. J. Cosmo


The little book that started it all. Perfect for kids in the first through third grade, this heart-warming tale has entertained countless children and helped many others overcome their fear of monsters. With almost half a million copies sold, your child is sure to love it.

The Monster That Ate My Socks

A picture book for the anxious and reluctant first grader, this book helps children overcome school fears with funny illustrations and outlandish scenarios. Designed with the help of a second-grade teacher, this book is the perfect remedy to the most common back-to-school issues.

Something is rotten in the kitchen that never sleeps. Based on classic film noir detective movies, this series is sure to delight both children and adults. Filled to the brim with mystery, colorful characters, and food puns, there's enough in this series to satisfy even the most demanding appetite.

It's the parent's turn to avoid responsibility! Now Mom wants to stay home and it's up to her son to remind her of what really matters. A unique children's book, this one is meant for the child to read to the parent!

I Don't Want to Go to School

Bread N' Butter

I Don't Want to Go to Work

Every family is a little crazy, especially this one. Meet Wally and his insane family as they turn even the most mundane tasks into ordeals. No matter the chaos though, family is family and family sticks together. Everyone has their own favorite character, so crack open a copy and meet yours!


What if Dr. Seuss wrote about the rise of fascism? A very wordy picture book, this story follows the rise and eventual fall of Dupa, a pure white Doo with a lot of ambition and an unhealthy obsession with order. Designed to not also expand vocabulary, this book will also teach your child how to discover the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Dupe a Doo

A love letter from mother to child, this book is all about reinforcement, acceptance, understanding, and adventure. Designed for children with autism, it not only says that we love you for who you are but believe that you are capable of so much more.

It's Ok to Hug

A chapter book about misconception, "Babysitter" is all about understanding what really makes a monster and how to deal with that fact once you make that discovery.

My Babysitter is a Monster

The spiritual sequel to "Sock Monster", this book is all about patience and understanding when it's the hardest thing to give. After chasing the key-eating monster all over the house, the boy and his father learn that they'll have you use honey, not vinegar, to catch the creature.

The Monster That Ate Our Keys

No parent truly knows how their children will turn out. Likewise, no child wants to disappoint their parents. This story tells the tale of a little bleeble that was born different and tried to fit in. After failing, he ran away, only to discover that he was more special than him or his parents ever imagined.

The Little Bleeble

A very unusual children's book, Monsters A to Z is less of a story and more of a key to your child's imagination. Filled with 27 unique creatures, each page is a new possibility and a new way of looking at the world.

Monsters A to Z

On the last day of school, Aiden stands up to the all-powerful bully and winds up with a bounty on his head. Stuck on one end of the neighborhood with no parents in sight, Aiden has to rely on his friends and his courage to make it past the neighborhood full of water-guns. With themes of friendship, bullying, and courage, this action packed roller-coaster will have your middle-grader turning pages in no time.


It's not what you think. On the first day of class in a new school, Liam embarrassed himself by using the girl's restroom. There he meets Poop, a father figure that's here to help him through some rough times. But who in their right mind would take advice from poop? This unexpectedly mature book is all about the weaknesses that make us who we are and finding the courage to take responsibility.


Available exclusively on iBooks, this remastered edition tells the story of Molly, a future world-class chef, and the disgusting creations that she makes on the way to stardom. A lesson in growth and progress, this picture book provides a heartfelt message, a good laugh, and a surprising twist.

Miss Molly's Magical Mystery Meals

All Little Star wants to do is shine, but he doesn't know if he is good enough to. So he goes on a quest to ask the other celestial bodies permission to shine bright. Illustrated on top of images from the Hubble telescope, this gorgeous book tells a simple story of believing in yourself.

Little Star

Sight words are words that early readers are taught to memorize because their meaning is not readily apparent. This fun video combines silly and colorful illustrations with clear repetition and funky music. It's perfect for classrooms or at home learning!

Dolch Sight Words, Pre-Primer