"The illustrations are bold and crisp and clean and not too busy at all but still convey emotions very well. I think the book is one that kids on the Aspergers spectrum will understand and appreciate..."


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A love letter to your child

A one-of-a-kind gift

Quality that lasts

This durable, hard-bound, lay-flat book is full of gorgeous full-color illustrations on acid-resistant paper and is sure to become a keepsake.

Make it yours

Available only through this website, this special edition is limited to 500 copies and includes a print number, signature, and dedication from award winning and best-selling author A.J. Cosmo.

Designed for children on the autism spectrum, "It's Ok to Hug" encourages pattern breaking, acceptance of habits, and self-esteem in your child.

Make the book theirs by putting them in it! The first 100 copies will include a beautiful hand-drawn portrait of your child!

Love comes in all forms

"It's Ok to Hug" is also available for your iPad and iPhone through iBooks and for your Kindle on Amazon.com. Click on the cover for more information.


it's ok to hug

A.J. Cosmo

"It's okay to hug AND to want to be alone! Great book to help children with ASD think about alternatives and gently encouraging to be open to differences. Wonderful book for non-ASD children to help promote understanding. This great message is shared in a simple and easy to read manner."

G. Ky Adams,

Amazon Reviewer