The Tree That Bent

Hello friends,

I felt compelled to send out a little story that came to me the other day. I don’t normally do this, but if the response is good maybe the Muse will give me more to share in the future. The story goes like this:

There once was a group of trees that lived on top of a tall mountain.

One day, a fierce storm approached. The trees knew it would be severe, so they discussed what to do.

One group of trees agreed amongst that they must be strong and stand up to the wind, rigid, so that they may survive the storm.

Another group decided that they should be soft and loose, so that the wind may pass over them.

There was one tree though that thought otherwise. When the wind comes, it thought, it would bend.

The storm came quickly and with great fury. Lightning cracked and rain gushed.

The strong trees stood tough, but the wind pushed hard. Their trunks splintered in half and their tops crashed to the ground.

Meanwhile, the soft trees gave too much to the storm. They fell down just the same, intact, but with their roots trembling in the air.

It seemed as though the whole forest would fall, all of them, save for the tree that would bend.

When the wind blew hard, the tree would bow with it, and when the gusts relaxed, the tree would stand strong.

The tree danced through the storm, never ignoring it, but never fearing it.

As quickly as it came, the storm passed, and only the tree that bent remained.

When the forest grew back, they all learned from the tree so that when the next storm came, and it did indeed come, hardly a branch would fall.

And the trees remembered to always bend.


Let me know if you liked that. If you want to help support my work, grab a copy of any of my books. The Hope Flower is particularly good for these trying times.

Until next time, all my love,


2 thoughts on “The Tree That Bent”

  1. What a delightful story in these trying times. You have a creative heart and kind spirit. As a former teacher and nurse I have read your books again and again to kids. May this find you in great spirits and health❣️

  2. That is a beautiful story for children and adults during this rough time in life with the corona virus. It is hard for adults let alone kids to understand it!

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